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Offering hope for those wishing to learn how to help themselves. Empowering people to improve their long-term comfort, health & well-being.

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Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs (YHLB) is a not-for
profit social enterprise. Thanks for your support and interest.


About YHLB

  • Educational¬†social enterprise.
  • Supported by charity¬†Versus Arthritis¬†(formerly Arthritis Research UK).
  • YHLB Yoga used successfully in¬†large randomised control trial¬†led by¬†York Trials Unit, Department of Health Sciences, University of York, funded by¬†Arthritis Research UK¬†(now Versus Arthritis).
  • Public Health England¬†list this specific yoga programme as one of 7 evidence-based innovative interventions that would be likely to offer those commissioning/ offering it a¬†good¬†return on investment¬†(PHE MSK ROI report and tool can be found online).

Yoga for Back Pain

‚ÄėYoga for Healthy Lower Backs‚Äô (YHLB) Evidence-based Specialised Programme is:

  • 12-class¬†specialised back-care course¬†taught over 3-4 months
  • Gentle, beginner-friendly, mind-body group classes
  • Cost-saving,¬†health-promotional, life-long¬†treatment¬†option for a costly, prevalent and long-term condition
  • Offers substantial benefits to¬†general public / individuals, communities, NHS, employers, Public Health, healthy living / prevention / self-management schemes, +++.
  • Workplace cost-effectiveness evidence (Spine Journal).
  • Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Training.¬†We support and train already-qualified and experienced yoga teachers in how to deliver the specific quality-assured¬†YHLB programme, whilst uniquely keeping to the strong evidence-base.¬† Nationally, we are approved by the yoga governing body for¬†Sport England¬†and¬†Sports & Recreation Alliance, the British Wheel of Yoga, as a¬†Recognized Centre of Excellence for Training and Standards.¬† To find one of our 300+ self-employed YHLB qualified teachers, go to our¬†‚ÄėFind a Teacher‚Äô page.
  • The lead yoga teaching consultants on the original research trial management team wish to share this information ‚Äď thank you for telling others about our website and courses.
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