Why the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Programme Works?

This is an approach that is now nationally (and internationally) recommended for learning how to manage persistent back pain. 
Public Health mention this specific and specialised yoga course in public documents for long-term self-care.  
Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs group case studies show how well the programme continues to work.  These case studies are presented regularly at conferences and at NHS events.

YHLB Yoga Group Lined up Feet

How and Why is the 12-week Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Course Proving so Effective and How Does it Work?

  1. Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs (YHLB Yoga) can help you relieve your pain; your perception of pain alters positively.  It is a kind and gentle approach.
  2. You learn to relax and breathe effectively, so your muscular tension releases (including learning how to prevent spasms)
  3. Your mind become positive, i.e. accepting of the possibility of change towards better comfort and long-term health
  4. You gain confidence to become more active and consequently improve mobility
  5. You become aware of posture – gradually your body becomes receptive to good posture
  6. You gently stretch out tight muscles and joints allowing greater flexibility and better joint alignment, thereby aiding easier good posture and healthy muscles and joints
  7. You gently strengthen the musculature around these newly-aligned joints
  8. This new improved alignment gives optimum space within your joints to slow joint ageing
  9. You gain increased space and support for efficient organ functioning
  10. Increased joint movement leads to increased synovial fluid aiding the health of the joints
  11. You gain confidence in this new-found comfort, ease and strength in your body, leading to a more healthy outlook for your physical and mental future
  12. You can more easily control your stress levels and emotional responses and alertness, vitality and positivity increases
  13. You can decrease the duration, intensity and frequency of back pain episodes
  14. You feel happier, more hopeful, self-empowered, calmer, energized, which positively affects multiple layers of your health and well-being
  15. Enjoy as others have.
    YHLB Yoga Relaxing and Calming