Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Programme Supportive Evidence – Group Case Study Evaluations, Outcomes, Posters, Presentations

This represents a sample of some of the evidence being gathered that supports our original YHLB Yoga research findings.

In our original research, the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs courses were offered up as if within the NHS ‘alongside GP care‘ … this is where it sits well, i.e. within the community/Primary Care.
Social prescribing of this evidence-based YHLB yoga is happening already and can help social prescribing and Universal Personalised Care projects meet their positive outcomes and return on investment targets. 

Group Case Studies Summary with NHS Involvement.

YHLB / NHS Case Studies Outcomes Summary 

2019 Evaluations of 9 x NHS YHLB Courses showing Outcomes (Biopsychosocial / Mental Health / Pain / Function / Course Attendee Quotes)
1a.  Short Form printable copy Here 
1b.  Powerpoint Version for ‘Yoga in Healthcare Conference 2019’ at University of Westminster (YIHA / College of Medicine / University of Medicine) – see 6 in ‘Powerpoints and Presentations’ section below.

Powerpoints and Presentations

1. 2017 NHS Spinal/MSK Study Days (A. Trewhela and others) YHLB Powerpoint Presentation  – YHLB project, research, NHS Pilot Evaluations –  2017-Yoga-for-HealthyLowerBacks-Powerpoint-presentation-for-NHS-Study-Day


2.  2016 ‘Royal College of GPs’ (A. Trewhela and others) Powerpoint Presentation on YHLB (CPD Event for RCGP Tamar Faculty) – Alison Trewhela November 2016 2016-RCGP-CPD-Event-for-GPs-YOGA-for-Healthy-Lower-Backs


3. 2017 NHS GP Practices / RCGP CPD Event (Dr. Anna Huette) Powerpoint Presentation NHS GP Surgery YHLB Pilots (2 courses) 2017 PPoint-YHLB-Dr.-Anna-Huette-Penryn-Course-Pilots-x-2-Presentation-for-RCGP-May-2017


4. 2018 BWY Congress (A. Trewhela and others) Benefits of Research and Stages of Research from Design Phase to Knowledge Transfer (Presentation for British Wheel of Yoga Congress at Warwick University)  YHLB Research Project Stages and Benefits of High Profile Research 2018


5.  Quotes & Testimonials from Referrers, Course Attendees and Teachers (compiled for BWY Congress 2018) 2018 Testimonials Quotes for BWY Benefits of High Profile Research Presentation


6. 2019 Yoga in Healthcare Conference, Powerpoint Presentation (A. Trewhela) (YIHA / College of Medicine / University of Medicine) Brief Summary of 9 x YHLB Courses with NHS involvement (patients, staff, funding, social prescribing, complex needs) including Outcomes (Biopsychosocial / Mental Health / Pain / Function / Course Attendee Quotes / Work Impact) 2019 PPX Presentation YogainHealthcareConference YHLB Evaluations Case Studies x 9 NHS Patients Staff SocialPrescribing


7.  Presentation Talk for GP Practice Education (Caroline Carty, also spoke at Yoga in Healthcare Conference) 2019 Caroline Carty YHLB PRESENTATION – KEY FACTS FOR GPs vAT


Outcomes Evaluation Posters


NHS Patients Pilot Courses Outcomes Poster (YHLB taught alongside GP Care) – Poster YHLB Yoga NHS England Health Education SW Deanery Dr Anna Huette v4 August2017


Cornwall 2015 YHLB Attendee Evaluation Poster (Peninsula School of Medicine and Dentistry)- Yoga YHLB Scientific Poster 2015 Cornwall Case Study v3 Seren Dupont


NHS Primary Care Trust Staff Scheme Poster CFT Staff YHLB Yoga Scheme Poster Millie Robinson UniversityExeterMedSchDec2017


Go to our YouTube ‘ Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ Channel for short videos.


Example Individual Case Study Quotes

“This yoga course has given me back my life.”


“I’ve done yoga before but this yoga course gives is so specific and personalized.  The teacher can tell where my pain is from looking at me – and how to relieve it.  No nonsense – just the right balance of empathy, skill and guidance.  She KNOWS she can improve people’s mobility, strength and pain management and that confidence rubs off! 

Thank you so very much for subsidising this course for me – I am forever grateful.”

“I have become an active participant in my own recovery.”

“A life-changing experience, after years of frustration.”


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