Alison’s e-learning – YOGA for Healthy Lower Backs

NEW for 2020 – Online / On Demand Videos for Hire or Purchase (UK and Europe)

SUPPLEMENTARY WAY OF LEARNING (along with Resources Pack)

Alison and others now feel the time is right to offer up more ways to help people to learn and benefit from the YOGA for Healthy Lower Backs programme.  The aim is to keep the hire/purchase costs as reasonable as possible.

Link to Videos Here…..


You are attending a YHLB Yoga course, but want more motivation to help you continue to learn and practice well into the future.
YOU WILL NEED – Resources Pack, A, B, C, and possibly D or E above.

You have already attended a YHLB Yoga course, but wish to enhance learning and increase your enthusiasm to practice by repeating some or all of the course at home.
YOU WILL BENEFIT FROM – Resources Pack, A, B, C, and D or E above.

You are a trained / in-training YHLB Yoga Teacher and wish to increase knowledge.
YOU WILL NEED – Resources Pack, A, B, C, and D or preferably E above.


The following video sections (N.B. You must have a Resources Pack to benefit):

A.  ‘Relieve Back Pain’ (1 video)

B.  CORE A, CORE B and COMPLETE CORE Practice Sequences (3 videos)

C.  PROGRESSIVE A and PROGRESSIVE B Practice Sequences (2 videos)

D.  12 Classes (audio/photo version) – Coming Soon (possibly)

E.  12 Classes (full video version) – Coming Soon (Separate Series)

(Follow-on Classes – possibly, if there is a demand)

You can HIRE (30 days) or PURCHASE (view on Vimeo for as long as the page exists or download) videos in Sections A, B and C.  You can only HIRE the 12 classes’ videos.

When going back to view your hired or bought Vimeo On Demand Videos – Go to the Vimeo on Demand page ‘Alison’s e-Learning -YOGA for Healthy Lower Backs Series’, sign into Vimeo with your email, Facebook or Google/gmail account, CLICK on the BLUE SMILEY FACE on top bar to then CLICK on PURCHASES, which shows you any videos that you have still available to watch.


(Including from which YHLB  Yoga Class onwards, you need each Practice Sequence)

N.B. You can spread out your learning and take as long as you need.
Generally, people take 3-12 months to complete the course with its home practice, but the positive learning for improved health and well-being continues forever as yoga is integrated into daily living.
Classes are normally attended weekly with a mid-course break and perhaps a break after Class 1, but it is fine to take longer breaks between Classes 5 and 12 (whilst continuing to do some home practice between classes).

  1. Therapeutic yoga is different to average general yoga classes, so when practising please remember these adages for YHLB Yoga:- ‘Less is More’; ‘Find Optimum, not Maximum’; ‘Kind and Gentle’; ‘Do what feels right for you on any one day.’
  2. Before you start, get your Resources Pack from for use throughout the whole course and forever.
  3. Use the ‘Relieve Back Pain’ video to help you to help yourself when you get a ‘sign’ of a painful back episode to reduce or prevent a flare-up. This introduces a 3-Step Plan.  This is taught more thoroughly at Class 1 of the course.  GPs sometimes signpost to this.
  4. Attend Classes 2-6, which introduce CORE A (Class 2), CORE B (Class 3) and COMPLETE CORE (Class 6) Practice Sequences. (These work best when you alternate CORE A and CORE B.)
  5. Attend Classes 7-12, which introduce the PROGRESSIVE A (Class 7) and PROGRESSIVE B (Class 8) sequences. (These work best when you alternate these two sequences, but also add in some CORE sequences too.)
  6. Keep practising twice a week to maintain health and/or join a weekly yoga class. We are sure this will help you, as it has many others (see our case studies at
  7. Sign up on the Vimeo page to be kept up-to-date with new resources and thanks for telling others about this video series.
  8. Save the link to this page and to the Vimeo on Demand page to check back for more.

Please enjoy them and tell others about them – we rely on word-of-mouth to help in the sharing of this project.

If you have not already, we strongly recommend you consider joining a YOGA for Healthy Lower Backs 12-week course taught by a YHLB Yoga trained teacher (in person, virtual/online) – go to the Find a Teacher page.  You can find those teaching virtually/online by entering ‘Zoom’ in the second Search box.

Enjoy and thank you for your support.

With huge thanks to Tara Samvat for her professionalism, skilled efforts and amazing expertise in filming, editing and compiling of these educational video resources.

Disclaimers are found on each video – Please read them.   Please ask your health professional for guidance, as and when necessary.