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“Honestly – This is the best course I have EVER been on for value, content and support.  I have learnt so much and it has radically improved my teaching generally.”

“Thank you for such an inspiring course.  It was a privilege to be there with such an inspiring teacher and students.”

“Great to see so many YHLB teachers are getting started with teaching the course now, and having such positive results.”

“I was extremely impressed with your course! Delighted! Although I have been teaching for quite a number of years now and attended numerous workshops, IST days, etc., practiced constantly, your course has newly inspired me! It was “slick”!! Nothing left undone!! Easily absorbed!!
Easy for me to retain and study. Areas of weakness that we have to deal with in each class that we teach!! (Scary, sometimes!) THANK YOU so much.”

“Thank you once again for the weekend, so full of information and inspiration and what a nice group!”

YHLB Yoga Abdominal Strengthening

“I have spoken to people who may well want to do the course……. I have given it a glowing testimonial.  I have gained a whole new perspective on dealing with students with back problems ‘a light on in the attic moment or three’ (BWY Foundation Course Tutor)”

“It is really clear how well thought through each & every aspect of the YHLB course is.”

“I really want to say thank you Alison for all of your hard work, I find it truly amazing how much work you must have put in to the whole YHLB research programme. You asked for comments and feedback from the course I attended – well regarding your delivery I cannot think of any improvement (sorry!).   I found you to be thoroughly knowledgeable about your subject and it was well delivered.”

“I taught five yoga groups Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs Class 2 Steadiness with CD 1 last week. Their ages ranged from 20 years to 80 years both men and women. I asked them to observe how they felt over the week. Their feedback this week was very positive with them wanting more. Some of the comments were: felt stronger, wonderful, had a better posture and one their neck felt the best it had for twenty years!”

“After our training days, I felt stronger, full of energy and lighter physically and emotionally. The hard work that you have put in along with the “Team” can certainly be felt and has made the delivery of the YHLB classes a positive experience for both myself and students.”

“Level 1 was such a wonderful experience, and I will definitely be back for Level 2! The depth of your knowledge and experience is inspiring and it is so refreshing to learn practices to help students that are both research-proven and very straightforward and easy to present. I have been working with some of the postures with my classes and private clients already and am very excited about being able to present the entire programme in the coming months.”

“Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge!”

YHLB Yoga Teacher Training

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the course and the Yoga for Lower Backs course.  It was so informative and so relevant for teachers!

Just a quick line to say how much I enjoyed the two days. I feel as though I’ve learned such a lot, but it has also made me realise how much more I have got to learn! I would love to know as much about backs as you do. I really feel enthused to get started.

I would like to train in YHLB as I constantly have people with back problems attending my yoga classes who have been told by their doctor or physio to take up yoga/

It would be really great to learn more about back conditions and be able to offer these students a completely separate yoga course specifically tailored to them to help improve their quality of life.

Really enjoyed last weekend – thank you.

I thought the whole course was very good. You are a very inspirational teacher and I can really see how people with back problems would get better in your classes.

I am very much re-enthused now!

Once again thank you for a wonderful course which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Thank you so much for a fantastic couple of days, and for sharing your acquired knowledge and wisdom.

Even after the long drive home (usually in a very unhappy place after a long drive) my back is very happy. I succumbed to one painkiller on the way down, but my back does feel so light, happy and looking forward to regularly practising what we have learnt this weekend.  (Teacher after long-standing back problem.)

I have been just drip-feeding some of the poses we did at the week-end into my classes; the students are loving it!

I enjoyed the course and your tutoring very much. The teaching of poses by each teacher and the feedback was very useful. I feel confident I can put what I have learnt to good use during the coming months.

YHLB Yoga Teaching

On Trainee Course Mentoring.  Thanks – it’s useful and reassuring to have your advice

Thanks for the downloads and encouragement.
I thoroughly enjoyed the YHLB Course. Both weekends were comprehensive and very informative in thieir content. I thought the timing was just right. It was well structured, and I thought the teaching examples contributed greatly to our understanding of the subject.
Yes, I found the whole course overall well worth doing. I also found my previous lower back problem was greatly eased by sequences practised between weekends.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, you evidently put a lot of time into organising the courses and are committed to passing on lots of information to equip us to go out and teach this specialised yoga. I feel that you have covered so much in a weekend and made it very practical and relevant for teaching. I can’t really think of any ways that you can improve the course, as I thought it was delivered and organised so well. I would definitely recommend this course to other yoga teachers.
I’m looking forward to teaching my first trainee course

I am so looking forward to … continuing my training with you as you are such a knowledgeable & enthusiastic tutor.

The course was brilliant! The feedback afterwards from everyone attending was excellent.
I’ve already started teaching a few of the postures in my class and to my clients – all being received well.
My students are already aware of what I’m doing and are thrilled. They are impressed and pleased that I am doing my best to look after them and are encouraging others to come to yoga.

Thank you for a fabulous weekend on the ….YHLB course. I love the course and am working towards becoming more and more familiar with the material. Thank you for all the work you have done in getting all of this together for us to come and learn on the courses.

Having felt a little daunted at lunch time on Sunday, by the time you had led us through 2 classes in the afternoon, things began to slot into place and I realised that it’s all there for us.  You did an excellent job. I am very keen to do the homework and teach myself the course guided by your brilliant resources. I can’t wait to help myself feel better and to help others.

There is a very great need out there, for sure.  Many, many thanks again.

….I’d just like to say how much I enjoyed the training weekend, I feel very privileged to be on the training course and to be part of such a well researched and organised course and excited about hopefully becoming a fully qualified YHLB Teacher

It is fantastic to be able to show such great results in such a large study and for something that affects so many people in the UK. I’m very excited about being able to make a difference to even more people’s backs.