Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs for Workplace Health & Well-being  

Yoga in Workplace

Support Staff; Keep them in the 

Workplace; Reduce Absenteeism by 70%

Create a healthier, happier and more productive workforce whilst saving costs – offer your employees the 12-week ‘YOGA for Healthy Lower Backs’ (YHLB) course.
Available throughout the UK, YHLB is unique as a nationally-approved, quality assured, fully-resourced, specialised yoga course/programme with this strong an evidence-base.

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YHLB Yoga in the workplace for back pain and reduction in absenteeism

Public Health England lists YHLB as good investment

PHE MSK Return on Investment report and tool (2017) lists the specific YHLB programme as one of 7 evidence-based innovative interventions that would offer a good return on investment (£10 for every £1 spent).  Especially relevant for Workplaces, MSK now sits within the new PHE agenda.

Empower staff to improve their health and well-being.

‘YOGA for Healthy Lower Backs’ empowers people to help themselves to improved comfort, health and well-being for now and the future.

Recommended approach for managing back pain

Exercise, like this quality-assured specialised yoga programme, is now the recommended approach for managing back pain.  When compared with other rigorously-tested, currently available treatments for chronic low back pain, it was shown in published research to be a top treatment. It addresses all the physical, psychological, emotional and social aspects of back pain within one effective, self-management package.

Research-proven effective and cost-effective programme

Proven to be safe and effective for the long-term for those with a history of low back pain. (Research results from The University of York, Department of Health Sciences randomised control trial published in high-impact, top international, peer-reviewed medical journal – ‘Annals of Internal Medicine’ – November 2011).  Proven to be cost-effective. (Results published in top international, peer-reviewed journal, ‘Spine Journal’ – August 2012)

70% Reduction in Absenteeism (Research Findings)

Those offered a ‘YOGA for Healthy Lower Backs’ course had on average only 3.83 days off work compared to 12.29 in a ‘control’/non-yoga group over a one-year period.

Single 12-Class Course Offers Long-Term Benefits

Students are given a life-long tool-kit to integrate simple techniques and skills into daily life.  Just 12 classes (x 75 minutes) over 3-5 months leads to health and well-being benefits continuing to improve over time.  The majority of those in the trial were still practising yoga at home an average of 30 minutes twice a week, 9 months after completing their yoga course and the majority felt they were still benefiting.

63% Improvement in Pain Affecting their Work

Results from an NHS Primary Care Trust workplace scheme.  Similar results found in factory workers staff scheme. 

Educational Course for All

Males and females, beginners and those with experience of yoga benefit and enjoy the course.


Resources Packs (book, practice handouts, relaxations album +++), as used in original ground-breaking research and supported by Arthritis Research UK.

Peer Support from Group Classes

YHLB Yoga is taught in groups of 4-12, thereby offering other potential workplace advantages, e.g. improved team-working, improved well-being, peer support.

Added H&WB Benefits

Yoga has been shown to improve stress-related symptoms and therefore our gentle ‘YOGA for Healthy Lower Backs’ programme would be likely to further benefit those with depression, anxiety, headaches, high blood pressure, MSK issues, stress, digestive problems, mental fatigue, etc.  YHLB offers a good all-round approach to health and well-being – not just for back pain.

Example Cost-Savings

In our published research, it was shown that this sickness absence reduction equated to employer savings of an average of  over £1000 pp pa (based on average 2012 UK salary).

Many workplaces where average rates of time off for back pain and stress are higher, such as NHS Trusts, will be likely to find even greater cost-savings.

Potential savings of £4520 (after paying for course costs) over one year period, based on 10 people on average UK salaries attending a 12-week YHLB course (according to potential approx. 70% reduced absenteeism as shown in our research).

£20,860 savings over a 3-year period is the potential value of this one course attended by just 10 employees.  Employees learn to self-manage their back pain, handle stress, boost their immune system, keep their body and minds fitter and healthier and this keeps them in work.

Scaling this up offers significantly more cost-savings and a happier and healthier workforce.

Workplace and Individual Case Studies

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National Awards

National awards in Yoga, Natural & Complementary Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine.

Featured on National TV 

ITV’s Tonight show featured our specific YHLB course in a 2019 episode called ‘Back Pain – Britain’s Unseen Crisis’

YHLB Relaxations Album

4  audio tracks used in research could be of benefit to all employees.  As a stand-alone educational resource, yoga relaxation can: release physical and mental tension, reduce depression and anxiety, increase creativity, positivity and productivity, and increase mental clarity and focus.

Workplace Health & Well-being Trifold Leaflet

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If you would like us to help you offer:

  • 1. The 12-class long-term self-management YHLB course for your staff.

  • 2. Resources Packs for your staff.

  • 3. Taster Session to help with pain relief and introduce the course to your staff.

  • 4. Information, Trifold leaflets and/or articles for staff newsletters in order to educate and motivate staff to attend courses in private sector.

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