YHLB Training Course Locations, Dates and Applications

For Qualified and Experienced Yoga Teachers

‚Äď Learn how to deliver the YHLB Programme via the
‚ÄėYOGA for Healthy Lower Backs‚Äô¬†Teacher Training Course (YHLB TT)

‚Äď Approved by national yoga governing body for Sport England and Sports & Recreation Alliance, British Wheel of Yoga, as a Recognized Centre of Excellence in Training and Standards. ¬†

300 hour course = 4 units ‚Äď 2 intensive training weekends; home study and practice; mentor-supported 12-week course teaching as trainee.

Full Course Programme elsewhere on website.

Tutor:¬† Alison Trewhela (Cornwall UK).¬†¬†Original trial tutor and designer of the YHLB programme and Tutor for the ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ Teacher Training course (offered up under YHLB social enterprise).

YHLB Teacher Training Course Locations and Dates


Chesham, Buckinghamshire 2019

Level 1 ‚Äď Saturday 18th (later start 11.30) and Sunday 19th May 2019

Level 2 ‚Äď Saturday 27th (later start 11.30) and Sunday 28th July 2019


Penryn, Cornwall 2019/2020

Level 1 ‚Äď Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th December 2019

Level 2 ‚Äď Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th March 2020


Chesham, Bucks / N. London 2020

Level 1 – Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th March 2020

Level 2 – Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th June 2020


Possible Second 2020 Course in Chesham, Bucks / N. London 2020 TBC

Level 1 – Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd March 2020

Level 2 – Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th July 2020


Proposed 2021 Cornwall Course 2020/2021


Please express your interest in courses.

It is often possible to attend Level 1 in one area and to swap to another area for Level 2.


YHLB Teacher Training Course Application Form



Contact Alison via the ‚ÄėContact‚Äô page or on [email protected] to register your interest in future courses.


About the Venues and Locations

Cornwall is where the tutor lives.  She is therefore able to offer unique insider advice, if and when you need it.   The course will run at a truly wonderful river-side modern eco-venue (as in the photos on this website) with several cafes and suitable accommodation in this University town.  Penryn adjoins the popular residential/holiday town of Falmouth with its beaches, shops, museums, galleries, waterside activities and cafes/restaurants.   You can join for a group Saturday early evening meal at a Falmouth beachside location (we usually share lifts, if you are travelling without a car).   Alison can help you with thoughts re. rail (Penryn station) and air (Newquay or Bristol).  Perhaps you might make one or both of your trips a holiday or short break.

Chesham is at the end of the metropolitan London Underground line and is also served by Chiltern Railways.  It is relatively easily accessible (NW of Greater London) , as it is in leafy, tumbling hills not far off the M25 and also within reach of airports.   Chesham in Buckinghamshire itself is a lovely small rural town set in the countryside, a few miles away from a picturesque town of Amersham in Hertfordshire.  The teaching venue is in a converted barn, which conveniently sits only a few steps away from a hotel and conference centre set in several acres of woodland a short drive (shared taxi?) away from the main town, where you can get discounted rates on rooms and where you can join for a group Saturday early evening meal.

Yoga teachers attending the course say:

their knowledge goes ‚Äėup a level‚Äô

– the training motivates increased interest in yoga therapy

– the generosity of the wealth of knowledge shared is exemplary

– they appreciate learning how to help people more

– they are encouraged to feel confident about how best to help people to help themselves to improved comfort, health and well-being through home practice

“Best course I have ever been on for value, content and support.¬† I learnt so much that has informed my teaching forever.”

‚ÄúWhen I first saw the book, I thought to myself, ‚ÄėI know this stuff‚Äô, but having attended this YHLB TT course, I can see how much there is to learn.‚ÄĚ
(Teacher with over 30 years’ experience)

‚ÄúLearning the complexities behind these simplest of poses is fascinating.‚ÄĚ

It makes sense for experienced yoga teachers, trainers and those with yoga centres to get behind this project and help it to reach its full potential.


Already-qualified and experienced yoga teachers interested in teaching this safe, effective and research-proven yoga programme can apply to do the ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ Teacher Training course (YHLB TT).¬† Learn how to introduce the sequences appropriately¬†according to¬†the carefully-designed¬†course, Teachers‚Äô Manual¬†and 12 differing class plans.

Click here for…Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Trifold Info Leaflet vSept2018

Having travelled throughout the UK in the past training teachers, Alison is now aiming to offer the course in 2 or 3 main locations.  However, please speak to us, if you feel there is a huge demand in your area.

Alison has already trained teachers in:-

  • Buckinghamshire, High Wycombe
  • Cornwall, Penryn
  • Cumbria, Penrith
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • South Yorkshire, Sheffield
  • Wales, Swansea
  • Norfolk, Norwich
  • Buckinghamshire, Chesham
  • Merseyside, Liverpool
  • Wiltshire, Devizes
  • Stirlingshire, Scotland
  • Hertfordshire, Albury
  • London, Central
  • Scotland, Edinburgh
  • West Yorkshire, Leeds
  • Hampshire, Southampton
  • Tyne and Wear, Newcastle
  • Surrey, Cobham
  • Warwickshire, Warwick
  • Kent, Royal Tunbridge Wells
  • South Yorkshire, Rotherham
  • Shropshire, Shrewsbury
  • Dorset, Poole

2018-2019 Course Costs:-

 £120 per day, i.e. £480 total. (Price includes mentor support during taught 12-week course.)   (2016 Course Costs: £85 per day.)  Our aim is to keep the cost of the course as low as possible in order to share this exciting evidence-based programme for the good of yoga, yoga teachers and those with back pain. 


Already trained YHLB Teachers may attend chosen repeat/refresher days at a 50% reduced fee and these count towards yoga CPD points. 


Willing to Help with YHLB TT Course Set-Up (Venues, Promotion, etc.)

In order for yoga to benefit more from this evidence-based research, we need to have more teachers with the quality of knowledge and skills in order to be able to professionally pass on this yoga programme effectively and safely.

If you would like to invite Alison Trewhela to a suitable venue near you to teach the ‚ÄėYoga for Healthy Lower Backs‚Äô Teacher Training course and you think that¬†approx. 15¬†experienced teachers would be likely to be interested in attending this, please contact Alison via the Contact the Authors page on this website for further details of how this could work.

BWY Regions have been supporting YHLB in this way ‚Äď thank you.

Thank you for your help and support with this.

We want to share this information with others.

Contact us on [email protected]¬†


Applications for Training

Please send Application Form (above) by email to¬†[email protected]¬†

‚ÄėYOGA for Healthy Lower Backs‚Äô¬†‚Äď Specialised Yoga Teacher Training Course (YHLB TT)¬†for Yoga Teachers

Our ground-breaking University of York research and past research (K. Williams et al and K. Sherman et al and others) has shown that specialised group yoga is effective against chronic, episodic, persistent or recurring low back pain, disability and depression in low back pain sufferers.


Arthritis Research UK generously funded the ‚ÄėYoga for Healthy Lower Backs‚Äô research.

Through this course, learn how to safely and effectively teach our specially-designed, 12-class YHLB yoga programme designed for newcomers to yoga with chronic low back pain as used in our high-profile randomized controlled trial research.

This yoga is one of the best evidence-based treatments available for this common condition.

Our published Economics paper shows it would be likely to be cost-effective within an NHS setting.

Everyone has a lower back ‚Äď learn how to rebuild, strengthen and maintain its health.


Please let other teachers know about this training.



This training course with considerable home study and mentor-supported Trainee course teaching requirements is available for sharing now (post-research knowledge sharing).

In order to maintain quality and standards, it is suitable for fully-qualified / certificated (ideally 500 hr course, e.g. BWY Level 4 Diploma course (or 200-hr Training plus additional CPD/Modules hours).

Additionally, a minimum of 4 years’ post-qualification yoga teaching experience is required before undertaking this specialised yoga training, as well as an interest in teaching the 12-class courses to newcomers to yoga with generalized low back pain.  Occasionally, we accept applicants earlier than this who have prior experience and additional skills, e.g. NHS professionals (and they are offered extra mentor support).

We especially appreciate the uptake and support of very experienced teachers and those interested in therapeutic yoga or Yoga Therapy.

British Wheel of Yoga (from differing methods and schools) and Iyengar Yoga teachers were trained and taught for the trial.

Other yoga teacher qualifications will be considered on a case-by-case basis, bearing in mind that ideally applicants will have completed a yoga teacher training course over a period of a minimum of 12 months along with practical learning and peer-reviewed assessment.

Those with prior relevant expertise and training (e.g. GP, physiotherapy, nursing) with additional yoga teacher training are invited to apply for a place.



The British Wheel of Yoga, as the national governing body for yoga for Sport England and Sports & Recreation Alliance, have approved ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ Teacher Training as a Recognized Centre of excellence in training and standards.

Importantly, only high quality and already-qualified and experienced yoga teachers may attend this training course.

The University of York and Arthritis Research UK support the rolling out of this unique ‚Äėbest practice‚Äô evidence-based yoga programme and support ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’.

‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ is a member organisation of British Council for Yoga Therapy ¬†(BCYT), and liaises with them to help raise the profile and standards of UK therapeutic yoga teaching.

Many YHLB teachers are listed on the CNHC Register.

BRCP (and previous ICNM) are supportive of this teacher training course and its tutor, and recognize the value of the evidence-base of this 12-week course.

The main aim is to remain true to the research by keeping to the evidence-base. For consistency, quality and standards, the same programme designer, original trial teacher trainer and lead yoga consultant, Alison Trewhela, will continue to tutor all of these courses.  Tutor CV: www.yogatrewhela.co.uk

This course has already proved its usefulness and quality, and the 12-class YHLB programme has proven its effectiveness and value, by being taught successfully by multiple teachers during the research itself. The use of this yoga programme was approved by The University of York‚Äôs York Trials Unit (within The Health Sciences Department) and was initially overseen by experts, including a member of the EU ‚ÄėBack Pain Guidelines‚Äô committee and medical academics.

Many senior yoga teachers, yoga researchers and back pain experts were consulted during the design phase.

The research trial, the yoga programme plus the educational resources ‚Äď Students‚Äô Manual (now the ‚ÄėYoga for Healthy Lower Backs‚Äô book published by Lotus Publishing), the Teachers‚Äô Manual and the 58-minute ‚ÄėYoga for Healthy Lower Backs ‚Äď Relaxations Album’ ‚Äď were supported by both The British Wheel of Yoga and the Iyengar Yoga Association (UK).¬† ¬†The 80+-page Teachers‚Äô Manual contains the 12 differing class plans, diagnostic information and more specific teaching points.

The training course uses all these resources as support for the hands-on practical learning of how to carefully, safely and effectively introduce the yoga poses and sequences.

The medical profession and the general public will appreciate the fact that uniquely these teachers have trained to deliver this programme in the same way as was done for the original research trial, including ensuring teachers have a good understanding of back function / dysfunction and observational expertise.


YHLB Teacher Register:

Details of those who have satisfactorily completed the training weekends will be listed in the Trainee Teacher section on the www.yogaforbacks.co.uk website.

To be listed as a fully-qualified YHLB teacher and put on the¬†‚ÄėYoga for Healthy Lower Backs Teacher¬†Register‚Äô, as well as completing the full training course requirements, you will also need to have satisfactorily completed the teaching of your first 12-week, mentor-supported Trainee YHLB course (mentored by your trainer).

Mentoring and support continues.

Buddy-up is encouraged.

CPD is on offer.


www.yogaforbacks.co.uk This is the social enterprise website dedicated to educating about and promoting the YHLB yoga programme. The general public, yoga teachers, referrers, workplaces, healthcare providers and commissioning bodies and potential students can gain information about the YHLB programme and its development on this website. It has links to videos and gives information about future developments.

Please subscribe to our free newsletter/blog via www.yogaforback.co.uk.

Help to create a buzz about the website by telling others about it.


Application Process:  

Please send an email subject-headed as follows:¬†¬†¬†‚ÄėApplication ‚Äď Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs (YHLB) Teacher Training¬†¬†to Alison Trewhela on¬†[email protected]¬†

Ideally, please use the¬†Application Form¬†available for download¬†above¬†‚Ästsend this back completed as a Word document attachment (or just simply copy and paste your filled-out¬†form into¬†an email).

Please aim to complete this application process as soon as possible to ensure you get a place ‚Äď if possible, a minimum of a month before commencement of the course, in order to ensure readiness of educational materials.

We do understand that some of you may not be as computer-knowledgeable as others, but please forgive us for trying to become more efficient via digital technology. Having personally answered enquiries for over a year, we realize this is not sustainable due to high demand and other project workload, BUT please do email¬†[email protected], if you encounter difficulties and wish to speak to a ‚Äėreal‚Äô person. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to receiving your application form.


Confirmation of Attendance: 

Once we have accepted your application and confirmed your place on a specific course, your place will be reserved, but please email if due to unforeseen circumstances you are unable to attend. Many courses are over-subscribed and places are limited.  Please note that you will need to make your course payments a few weeks before each training weekend.

(Repeat/Refresher Days for those who have already completed the full training days = Half price.)

Many thanks for your interest and support.