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Yoga Teachers and ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ (YHLB)

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As a yoga teacher, we are sure you will want to be well-informed about this important piece of internationally-acclaimed research published in top journals = one of the largest and most significant randomised control trials into yoga.

YHLB Teacher Training

Train in how to deliver the evidence-based specialised 12-week ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ yoga course.  Learn from the original YHLB programme designer, Alison Trewhela, who tutors all the YHLB Teacher Training courses.  Already-qualified and experienced yoga teachers successfully completing our 300-hour YHLB TT course are entered onto our YHLB Teacher Register.

Nationally-Approved Course

‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Teacher Training Course’ has been approved by British Wheel of Yoga as a Recognised Centre of Excellence in Training and Standards.  BWY is the governing body for Sport England and Sports & Recreation Alliance UK.

Tell People with Back Pain about YHLB

Thank you for telling people with low back pain (or those with multiple conditions seeking a gentle foundational course) about YHLB and our website. If you recommend these newcomers attend the 12-week YHLB course, they will be likely to come to your classes as a follow-on.  They will have learnt how to help themselves between classes, as well as having a good grounding in basic yoga principles.

Tell Teachers

Thank you for telling yoga teachers and therapists about this website, our social enterprise and our courses – this project is for sharing.

Obtain our Resources

If you are about to do the YHLB Teacher Training course, you will need all our Resources.  If you just want to learn more about what the course programme consists of and the yoga poses used, then obtain our Book and Relaxations Album.  It will help you to know how to better teach those with back pain, although of course the teacher training course will go into much more depth and will give you the Teachers’ Manual showing you how to introduce the poses in a well-designed and structured way that works for those with more chronic and persistent back pain.  All sales help our social enterprise / website, so thank you.

Public Health England lists YHLB

Since 2017, the YHLB yoga programme has been listed as one of just 7 innovative evidence-based interventions that commissioners and workplaces should consider for improving musculoskeletal health, whilst offering a good return on investment.  (PHE MSK ROI report and tool.)  Ground-breaking for yoga!

Nationally Recommended Approach

Exercise (especially with a mind-body approach) is now an internationally recommended treatment for managing low back pain, according to and backed up by multiple research reviews and articles.  (Lancet, BMJ, NICE, Cochrane).

GPs and Consultants Recommend YHLB

GPs and other health professionals, including consultants in pain management, specialist physiothery, orthopaedics, spinal specialists, are now signposting strongly to this specific YHLB yoga programme.  They respect its evidence and specificity with its patient-empowering long-term self-management approach.

Taster YHLB Days – IST (BWY) Training

If you are interested in learning a little about the research and YHLB, then you can arrange to attend one of these Taster Days with Anna Semlyen (  You might like to invite her to teach in your region.

Quotes from YHLB Course Attendees

“The home practice sequences have put me in control of my back rather than my back controlling my life.”

“Having this toolkit of extra yoga skills and knowledge up my sleeve has revolutionized my yoga practice and my life.”

“OF COURSE, after 12 months of practising the sequences, I no longer have back pain.  It’s wonderful.”

BWY Links:

  1. BWY plays large role in international Research …Here
  2. Recognized Centre …Here
  3. Spectrum (BWY magazine) article on YHLB (Page 24 of Autumn 2016)…Here November 2016 Article in BWY magazine ‘Spectrum’
  4. Spectrum YHLB article 2017…Here

 Yoga Teacher Quotes

“YHLB allows people with back pain to feel confident to take that first step on the road to long-term health.”

“This book contains so much – I now know how much more there is to learn.” 

“YHLB allows people with back pain to feel confident to take that first step on the road to long-term health. Thanks for sharing this invaluable information.” 

“I will recommend the YHLB Teacher Training course.  This is so exciting to be involved.”

General Trifold Leaflet 

Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Trifold Info Leaflet vSept2018

The lead yoga teaching consultants on the original trial management team, want to make sure that you are informed about exactly what we did during this yoga research trial.  We hope that you share our vision of allowing as many people to benefit from the opportunities that this research has given – e.g. raising public awareness of yoga, acceptance within medical and scientific circles, sharing of the resources designed for the research.
This is not just exciting research, but research that can make a difference to those with back pain, yoga teachers and yoga in general.  Share yoga with those who might never before have thought to try it.

We appreciate your support for this not-for-profit social enterprise project.

We are very grateful to Arthritis Research UK and York Trials Unit for this generous gift of ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’, allowing us to take yoga to a new level of standards and recognition.  We all need to share this with others.