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‘YOGA for Healthy Lower Backs’ (YHLB Yoga) at [email protected]

12-week Evidence-based Course                                 

Mind-body approach, gentle, enjoyable, effective, educational, beginner-friendly, taught by highly-qualified teachers.  Attendees learn to help themselves to improved comfort, health and well-being.

Unique, well-structured, specialised yoga course with life-long toolkit (EBM Resources Pack).

Group exercise, with physical/psychological long-term self-management approach, now recommended nationally for low back pain (Public Health England, NICE, Lancet) – YHLB offers this. 

Health-promotional programme teaches self-care skills (and healthy ageing). Randomised control trial; University of York / Arthritis Research UK (Annals Int. Med., Spine, Physiotherapy Journals).

Commissioned by NHS / Councils / Integrated Care systems in some UK localities with excellent outcomes.

Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs BackCare Self-Management Course

Original YHLB Research findings:

– Significant reduction in work absenteeism (70% over 12 months), equating to average workplace savings of £800 pp pa (after paying for cost of self-management course)

– More effective than other rigorously-tested treatment options; 30% improvement in daily function; significant improvements in Pain and Self-efficacy

Cost-effective for NHS provision and from societal perspective (Spine)


Case Studies of YHLB show:

– 63% Reduction in pain affecting work

– Reduction in pain meds.; 75% improvement in function in NHS Primary Care Trust staff.

– Mental health improvements; Multiple health condition improvements

– 63% improvement in being able to control / cope with their back pain by themselves

A life-changing experience, after years of frustration.”  “My back pain no longer controls me.”  “No more visits to A&E.” “My blood pressure and shoulder have improved. I feel more positive.”  “This course has been so beneficial to my back, but also for me mentally.” “I know what to do at work to help myself now.”


National Support and Strategic Fit:

– Public Heath England, ARMA, Arthritis Research UK support YHLB’s approach. PHE MSK ROI tool/report lists this specific programme as offering a good return on investment £10:1.

– Two ‘Outstanding Contribution’ national awards for programme designer (CAM; yoga); national yoga governing body of Sport England (British Wheel of Yoga) recognition of excellence in training

– Successful NHS schemes for staff, patients and for workplaces

– Specialised group exercise offering an evidence-based ‘Tier 3’ programme (as in PHE/NHSE/DoH/ARUK’s ‘Physical Activity Implementations for those with Musculoskeletal Conditions’

Social Prescribing

We are involved in ‘social prescribing’ schemes.  You can search for an article in the national ‘Social Prescribing’ network newsletter about the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs programme.  Please contact us to learn more about its potential to empower people to help themselves to improved health and well-being.


More Info: [email protected] (Teaching Teams, Trifold Leaflet, GP Info Sheet, commissioning) includes links to ‘ARMA Guest Blog’, Alison Trewhela’s RCGP Presentation and ‘HEE QIP’ Powerpoint