CPD Days for Fully-Qualifed YHLB Teachers

– For those who have ideally taught a minimum of 2 YHLB 12-week courses, but please ask if you have taught less than this.  

(Please book through Alison on [email protected]):-

2021 Refresher TT ONLINE

2020 Pain (Flare-Ups) and the YHLB Yoga Approach

2019 Refresher TT Days

2018  Refresher TT Days

CPD Pain (Flare-Ups) and Experience of Class Plan Teaching.  Penryn, Cornwall.
Friday 7th September (7.45-9.45 pm); Saturday 8th September (11.00-5.00); Sunday 9th September (11.00-2.00)


CPD Teams – Team-building, NHS work. Penryn, Cornwall.  Sunday 19th March 2017 – 11.00-3.00
CPD New Teachers Manual.


CPD2 Focus on Facet Joints and Spondylolisthesis.  Cornwall (ZedShed, Penryn) – Saturday 19th March 2016 – 10.45-16.45.

CPD1 Focus on Discs.  Falkirk (on trainline between Edinburgh and Glasgow) – Saturday 6th August 2016 – 10.00-16.00

CPD1 Focus on Discs.  North of London, Chesham, Bucks – Saturday 3rd December 2016 – 1.30-7.30  (CPD2 on following day.)

CPD2 Focus on Facet Joints and Spondylolisthesis.  North of London, Chesham, Bucks – Sunday 4th December 2016 – 10.00-4.00.  (Preceded by CPD1 on previous day.)


CPD1 Focus on Discs.  Liverpool (YogaYou Sanctuary, Wirral) – Saturday 26th September 2015 – 11.30-17.30.


CPD 1 Focus on Discs.  North London, Chesham, Bucks (Bagnall Integrative Healthcare Centre) – Sunday 9th November 2014 – 10.00-16.00

CPD1 Focus on Discs.  Cornwall, Penryn (The ZedShed) – Saturday 22nd November 2014 – 10.45-16.45.


Future CPD

CPD Focus The Psychology of Pain (Long-Distance Learning)

CPD Sacroiliac Joints

CPD Management of LBP Flare-Ups through Yoga

CPD Importance of Class 1

CPD YHLB to help those living with osteoarthritis