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One of the largest  and most significant yoga research trials – robust and rigorous with multiple published papers – University of York (York Trials Unit, Department of Health Sciences, UK) / Arthritis Research UK / Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs (YHLB) programme

The two yoga teacher/therapists who were consultants and trial management steering group members for the original University of York research trial, set up this website and not-for-profit social enterprise.  They acknowledged that this randomised control trial had taken yoga research ‘up a level’.  Since the original research, we continue to evaluate and assess the performance of the programme – performance is consistent and outcomes have improved in all cohort case studies comparative to the original trial findings.


Our Research – 5 Published Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Papers

Our University of York / Arthritis Research UK rigorous randomized control trial using the specific ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ (YHLB Yoga) programme resulted in 5 published papers =
Protocol (CTCP 2011)
Pilot (CTCP 2011)
Efficacy/Effectiveness Results (Annals of Internal Medicine 2011)
Economic Evaluation / Cost-Effectiveness (Spine Journal 2012)
Compliance Results (Physiotherapy Journal 2012).

100s of Citations

Our research papers have been cited in well over 350 other scientific papers and articles.

Reviews Mentioning our Research

Our YHLB / University of York / Arthritis Research UK randomised control trial contributed significantly to the body of ‘yoga for improving back pain’ research.  Therefore the ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ (H. Tilbrook et al and LH Chuang et al) published papers and findings all feature strongly in multiple Systematic Reviews and Meta Analysis published papers.  Here are a few –

Cochrane Review on Yoga and Low Back Pain (2017)

NICE Guidelines on Managing Low Back Pain with or without Sciatica (2016)

‘Yoga for functional ability, pain and psychosocial outcomes in musculoskeletal conditions: a systematic review and meta-analysis’Ward L1, Stebbings S, Cherkin D, Baxter GD. Musculoskeletal Care. 2013 Dec; 11(4):203-17.

‘A systematic review and meta-analysis of yoga for low back pain.’  Cramer H1, Lauche R, Haller H, Dobos G.  Clin J Pain. 2013 May; 29(5):450-60.;

‘Yoga as a Treatment for Low Back Pain: A Review of the Literature.’  Erik J. Groessl Marisa Sklar and Douglas Chang.  ‘Yoga for Chronic Low Back Pain: New Evidence in 2011’. Groessl EJ 2012.  J Yoga Phys Therapy 2:e108. (

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