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Please contact the teacher(s) nearest to you.
(Those in brackets are not teaching currently.)

[email protected] – for NHS/Public Sector course set-up/ teaching team co-ordination.


(Avon, Bath. Angela Roberts (2013))

Bedfordshire, Langford.   Neelam Rajani   (2017)

Bedfordshire, Northill.  Freda Dodsworth   (2017)

Bristol.  Sara-Jo Cameron – [email protected] or [email protected]  (2015)

Buckinghamshire, Amersham, Chesham. Barbara Dancer – [email protected] (2013)

Buckinghamshire, Wendover.  Liz Brown – [email protected]  (2020)

Buckinghamshire (& Oxon), Brill. Sue Garrett – [email protected] (2017)

(Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes.  Pippa Fenton (2014))

Cambridge. Deborah Hempstead – [email protected] (2013)

CHANNEL ISLANDS, Jersey, St. Saviour. Lisa McCabe – [email protected]  (2015)

Cheshire, Nantwich. Mandy Wheatley – [email protected]  (2019)

Cheshire, Chester.  Alyson Reeves – [email protected]

Cheshire, Chester (also North Wales). Eileen McCann – [email protected] Tel: 07813 534 495 (Trial Teacher 2007)

Cheshire, Frodsham. Joanne Gelling – [email protected]  (2016)

(Cheshire.   Annette Todd (2013))

CORNWALL – Enquiries for Cornwall Teaching Team at [email protected]

Cornwall, Truro, Penryn, Falmouth. Alison Trewhela – [email protected] www.yogaforbacks.co.uk (Trial Team and Designer of the YHLB yoga programme. See below 2005)

Cornwall, Falmouth. Amanda Brown – [email protected],  Tel: 01326 318776 (see 2007)

Cornwall, Truro, Chacewater.  Ruth Sandall – [email protected]  (2014)

(Cornwall, Falmouth, Mylor. Julie Taylor – [email protected] (Trial teacher 2007))

Cornwall, Penzance.  Lucy Aldridge – [email protected]  (2019)

(Cornwall. Caroline Skajarowski  (2012))

(Cornwall, Penzance. Judith Van Dop (2007))

Cornwall, Launceston, Bodmin, Plymouth. Emma White – [email protected] (2012)

Cornwall, Bodmin, St. Austell, Wadebridge. Amanda Ridgewell – [email protected] (2012)

Cornwall, Newquay. Sue Thornton – [email protected]  (2014)

Cornwall, Perranporth.  Dr. Anna Huette – [email protected]  (2016)

Cornwall, St. Austell, Truro.  Julie Kingston-Dalford – [email protected]  (2018)

Cornwall, Wadebridge, Newquay.  Annie Kelly – [email protected]  (2017)

Cumbria, Barrow-in-Furness.   Polly Warnock –  [email protected] (2013)

Cumbria, Barrow-in-Furness. Debbie Friend – [email protected] 01229 474238 (2012)

Cumbria, Cockermouth and Whitehaven. Linda Allam – [email protected]  01697 323286  (2012)

Cumbria, Penrith. Jackie Watts – [email protected] (2012)

Cumbria, Penrith. Gill Hunter – [email protected] Telephone: 01768 879294. Mobile: 07788 461356 (2013)

Cumbria, Appleby.  Jo Chapman – [email protected] (2015)

Derbyshire, Chesterfield and Notts. Mansfield.  Sally Kennedy – [email protected]  (2018)

Derbyshire, Derby.  Sam Ecob – [email protected]  (2021)

Derbyshire and Nottingham. Rachel Jennings – [email protected] (2012)

Derbyshire and Lincolnshire, Hartshorne.  Sandra Da Silva – [email protected]  (2014)

Devon, Tavistock, Okehampton, NW Plymouth, Exeter. Sonja Armstrong – [email protected] Tel: 01822 610805 (2012)

Devon, Axminster. Lesley Wilson – [email protected]  (2019)

Devon, Ashburton, Exeter, Chagford. Christine Willis – [email protected] (2013)

Devon, Exeter.  Janet Hockley – [email protected]  (2014)

Devon, Newton Abbott, Exeter.  Kathy North – [email protected]  (2013)

Devon, Kingsteignton.  Mary Neal – [email protected]  (2013)

Devon, Okehampton.  Sarah Hale – [email protected]  (2018)

Devon, Totnes, Newton Abbott.  Claire Parker – [email protected]  (2014)

(Devon, Totnes.  Guinevere Wearne – [email protected] (2015))

Dorset, Bridport.   Nadiya Wynn – [email protected] (2019)

Dorset, Poole. Louise Trew – [email protected]  (2019)

Essex, Clacton-on-Sea.  Vania Theocharides-Brown – [email protected]  (2014)

(Essex, Colchester.  Louise Fortunato  (2013))

Essex, Dunmow.  Sue Brown – [email protected]  (2022)

Essex, Dunmow (and Bishops Stortford Hertfordshire).  Claire Wainwright – [email protected] (2013)

Essex, Great Oakley.  Gaye Gorman – [email protected]  (2014)

Essex, Leigh-on-Sea, Southend.  Keeley Beech – [email protected]  (2018)

(Essex, Saffron Walden. Deborah Armon-Jones (2013))

Essex, Stansted.  Dina McDonald – [email protected] (2017)

Essex.  Lynda Lucas – [email protected]  (2015)

Essex, Wivenhoe.  Lynne Stephenson – [email protected]   (2017)

Gloucestershire, Gloucester. John Ferrabee – [email protected] Tel: 01242 222356 (2007)

Gloucestershire, Nailsworth.  Sue Matthews – [email protected]  (2020)

Gloucestershire, Painswick.   Kim Brockett –  [email protected]  (2013)

Gloucestershire, Stroud.  Frankie Duggan – [email protected]  (2016)

Hampshire, Stockbridge.  Tamsin Kelly – [email protected]  (2016)

Hampshire, Havant, Portsmouth.  Sanjay Patel – [email protected]   (2014)

Hampshire, New Forest.   Ruth Bush – [email protected]  (2015)

Hampshire, Ringwood.  Jon Dixon – [email protected] (2019)

(Hampshire. Sarah Minter (2013))

Hampshire, Winchester.  Rebecca James – [email protected]  (2016)

Herefordshire, Ledbury.  Alison Skinner – [email protected] (2020)

(Herefordshire (and S. Shropshire), Leominster.   Jane McLean  (2013))

Hertfordshire, Amersham.  Barbara Dancer – [email protected] (2013)

Hertfordshire, Berkhamsted.  Jane Gilbert –  [email protected] (2013)

Hertfordshire, Hitchen. Idunn Rodziewicz – [email protected] (2017)

Hertfordshire, Knebworth.  Julia Lawrence – [email protected] (2013)

Hertfordshire, Rickmansworth.  Deena Solanki – [email protected]  (2020)

Hertfordshire, St. Albans.  Morven Wallace – [email protected]  (2020)

Hertfordshire, Watford.   Mala Gupta – [email protected]  (2017)

Hertfordshire, Watford and Bricket Wood.  Jo Lankester – [email protected] (2020)

Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire. Deanna Sloan – [email protected] (2013)

IRELAND (N), Co. Antrim, Belfast, Newtownabbey. Miriam Chambers – [email protected]  Tel: 07834 187551 (2013)

IRELAND (N), Co. Antrim, Belfast.  Gill Henderson – [email protected]  (2018)

IRELAND (N), Co. Tyrone, Dungannon.  Madeleine McBride – [email protected] (2014)

IRELAND. Co. Clare. Helen Rich – [email protected]  (2013)

IRELAND, C0. Clare, Kilfenora.  Susie McNaughton – [email protected]  (2018)

IRELAND, Dublin.   Marie Feirtear (hospital-based) –  [email protected],  00353874176546  (2015)

IRELAND, Co. Kerry, Tralee.  Maeve Ferris – [email protected]  (2020)

IRELAND, Co. Kerry, Killarney.  Nita Desai – [email protected]  (2018)

IRELAND, Co. Kilkenny.  Jenny Dillon – [email protected]  (2019)

IRELAND, Co. Wicklow, Ashford.   Angelika Renger –  [email protected] (2013)

Kent, Bromley.  Pat Dyson – [email protected]  (2014)

Kent, Canterbury and Sandwich.  Susan Jeffery – [email protected]  (2020)

Kent, Cranbrook.   Charlie Hartley – [email protected]  (2016)

Kent, Dartford, Sevenoaks. Susannah McCarthy – [email protected], 07432 603321 (2012)

Kent, Edenbridge.  Lina Newstead – [email protected]  (2015)

Kent, Tonbridge.  Leila Madar – [email protected]  (2014)

Lancashire, Blackpool.   Sharon Jennings – [email protected]  (2014)

(Lancashire, Preston.  Joanne Parkinson – [email protected] or [email protected]  (2019))

Lancashire, Lancaster, Morecambe, Preston. Karen Holroyd – [email protected] Tel. 01524 416919/ 07932175443 (2013)

(Lancashire, Lancaster, North Yorkshire. Karen Braddon (2013))

Leicestershire, Hinckley. Jayne Hill – [email protected]  (2013)

Leicestershire, Loughborough.  Laura Sharpe – [email protected]  (2014)

Leicestershire, Melton Mowbray, Oakham.  Helen Spencer (previously Helen Baker) – [email protected]   (2018)

Leicestershire, Melton Mowbray.  Karen Hamilton – [email protected] (2019)

Lincolnshire, N.  Belton, Scunthorpe, S.Yorkshire Doncaster.  Anita Robinson  – [email protected]  (2018)

Lincolnshire NE, Grimsby.   Carol Hawkins –  [email protected] (2013)

Lincolnshire.    Heather Redwin  – [email protected]  (2015)

Lincolnshire, Lincoln.  Sue Rook – [email protected] (2015)

Lincolnshire, Louth.  Sarah Hudson – [email protected]  (2018)

LONDON – Healthy London Partnership Project Manager – Barbara Dancer – [email protected] and/or [email protected]

London, East, Walthamstow.  Arlene Dunkley-Wood – [email protected] (2013)

(London North.  Sam Wood – [email protected]  (2016))

London City & E, Shoreditch. Carolyn Fuest – [email protected] (2022)

London, City, Kensington and East. Charlie Taylor-Rugman – [email protected] (2014)

London, North.  Julia Moore – [email protected]  (2014)

London, North, Harrow, Middlesex. Lesley Isaacson – [email protected] Tel: 01895 639942 (Trial teacher 2007)

London North.  Maggie Guy – [email protected] (2017)

London SE, Greenwich.  Tina Stallard – [email protected]  (2020)

London W., Chiswick.  Bene Spoelders – [email protected]  (2020)

London, West, Twickenham, Richmond.  Ann Reilly – [email protected]  (2014)

London, South East, Bromley Kent.  Pat Dyson – [email protected]  (2014)

(London. Judy Lynn –  (Trial teacher 2007))

(London. Jude Boardman  (Trial teacher 2007))

(London. Sharon Klaff  (2007))

(London. Diana Broad (2007))

(London. Suzanne Cundy  (2007))

(London. Patsy Sparksman  (Trial Teacher 2007))

Manchester. Janis Thompson – [email protected]  (2013)

(Manchester. John Aplin – [email protected] (Trial Team – see below 2007))

(Manchester. Julie Royle  (Trial Teacher 2007))

(Manchester (Greater), Bolton, Bury. Carole Burke  (see below 2007))

(Manchester. Shirin Marshall)

Merseyside, Liverpool.   Rosemary Bennett – [email protected] (2013)

Merseyside, Liverpool.   Philippa Bellis – [email protected] (2013)

Merseyside, Liverpool.  Carole Griffith – [email protected]  (2015)

Merseyside, Wirral, West Kirby.  Kate Knowles – [email protected] (2013)

Merseyside, Wirral, Wallasey.   Ann Simmonett – [email protected]  (2013)

Merseyside, Liverpool. Lyn Williams – [email protected]  (2020)

Norfolk.  Anne Mercer – [email protected] (2017)

(Norfolk (North). Elaine Smith (2018))

(Norfolk, Norwich. Jackie Jones (2013))

Norfolk, Norwich. Kerry Radley – [email protected]  (2013)

(Norfolk, Norwich.  Maria Widdrington – [email protected]o.uk (2013))

(Norfolk, Mattishall. Liz Bosworth – [email protected] (2013))

Northumberland, Haltwhistle (also Tyne & Wear, Newcastle-upon-Tyne). Glynis Johnston – [email protected] 07989 737865 (2012)

(Nottingham.   Alexandra Thompson  (2015))

Nottinghamshire, Kimberley.  Susanne Stanley – [email protected]  (2017)

Nottinghamshire, Hucknall.  Alison Columbine – [email protected]  (2017)

Nottinghamshire, Nottingham.  Karen Attreed – [email protected]  (2021)

Nottinghamshire, Mansfield & Derbyshire, Chesterfield.  Sally Kennedy – [email protected]

Oxfordshire, Bicester.  Elaine Whittaker – [email protected]  07917 453224  (2014)

(SCOTLAND, Angus.  Dorothy Wilson – [email protected] (2014))

SCOTLAND, Angus.  Cheryl Lang – [email protected]  (2015)

SCOTLAND, Dumfries and Galloway, Lockerbie, Dumfries. Susan Neal – [email protected]  (2013)

SCOTLAND, Fife, Dunfermline.  Linda Gerletti – [email protected]  (2015)

SCOTLAND, Fife, Dunfermline, Edinburgh.  Clare Taylor – [email protected]  (2015)

SCOTLAND, East Lothian, Edinburgh.  Linda Forbes – [email protected] (2014)

SCOTLAND.  East Lothian, North Berwick.  Nicola Bourke – [email protected]; Tel: 07766 174462  (2015)

(SCOTLAND, Edinburgh.  Bijam/Jenni Connaughton  (2014))

(SCOTLAND, Glasgow.  Lindsay Bunch – [email protected]  (2016))

SCOTLAND, Glasgow, Kirkintilloch.  Lucine Techer – [email protected] (2014)

SCOTLAND, Inverness, Fort William.  Catherine Mitchell – [email protected]  (2020)

SCOTLAND, Midlothian.  Michele Mooney – [email protected]  (2020)

SCOTLAND, Perth and Kinross, Luncarty.  Rachel Mitchell – [email protected] yogaperth.co.uk (2014)

(SCOTLAND, Perthshire, Crieff.  Patricia Ace  (2014))

(SCOTLAND, Perthshire, Aberfeldy.  Emma Burtles – [email protected]  (2015))

SCOTLAND, Renfrewshire, Lochwinnoch.  Karen Keen – [email protected]  (2014)

Shropshire, Ludlow (and Herefordshire).  Gwyn Richards – [email protected]  (2020)

Shropshire, Bridgnorth.  Jenny Scott – [email protected] (2018)

Somerset, Weston-Super-Mare.  Adrienne Fouracre – [email protected] (2014)

(Somerset,  Bath.   Angela Roberts – [email protected] (2013))

Somerset, Bridgwater.  Shelagh Gotto – [email protected]  (2014)

Somerset, Shepton Mallett.  Jo Webb – [email protected]  (2014)

Somerset,  Evercreech, nr. Shepton Mallett.  Barbara Saunders – [email protected], Tel: 01749 831283  (2014)

Staffordshire, Burton-upon-Trent.  Also West Midlands.   Monica Douglas –  [email protected]

Staffordshire, Stoke-on-Trent, Keele.  Maxine Thomas – [email protected], (2014)

Suffolk, Ipswich.  Sarah Moss – [email protected]  (2019)

Suffolk, Ipswich.   Louise Carpenter –  [email protected]  (2013)

Suffolk, Ipswich, Felixtowe.  Caroline Glason – [email protected] (2013)

Suffolk, Saxmundham.   Mandy Beaumont – [email protected]  (2014)

(Suffolk, Woodbridge.  Elly Lloyd (2014))

Suffolk, Nedging Tye.  Wendy Woo-Lake – [email protected]  (2014)

Suffolk, Pakefield.  Deborah Beaumont – [email protected]  (2014)

Surrey, Esher.  Christine Pitt – [email protected]  (2014)

Surrey, Epsom.  Emanuela Williams – [email protected]  07533 102292   (2014)

Surrey, Lingfield. Yvonne Chapman – [email protected] (2014)

Surrey, Reigate.  Sharon Warnock – [email protected] (2016)

Surrey, Walton-on-Thames. Faye Koe – [email protected]  (2017)

Sussex East,  Battle.   Donna Sams – [email protected]  (2015)

Sussex East, Westfield.  Annie Cryar – [email protected] (2017)

Sussex East, Eastbourne. Sue Davies – [email protected] (2017)

Sussex East, Hastings.  Becca Horn – [email protected]  (2020)

Sussex East, Hastings. Laura Knobloch – [email protected] (2017)

Sussex East, Hove, Shoreham. Diana Dearle – [email protected] or [email protected]  (2017)

Sussex East, Uckfield. Penny Fairclough – [email protected] (2017)

Sussex West, Bognor Regis. Dominique Thacker – [email protected]  (2019)

Sussex West, Bognor Regis.  Margaret Simmons – [email protected] (2016)

Sussex West, Cocking.  Jane Menon – [email protected]  2021

Tyne & Wear, Gateshead, Newcastle.  Sara Jobling – [email protected]  (2014)

Tyne & Wear, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.  Beverley Prevatt Goldstein – [email protected] (2016)

Tyne & Wear, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (also Northumberland).  Glynis Johnston [email protected] 07989 737865 (2012)

Tyne & Wear, Whickham.  Christine Evans – [email protected]  (2016)

WALES, Aberystwyth. Sue Jones-Davies – [email protected] (2013)

(WALES, Aberystwyth.   Lesley Wheatley (2013))

(WALES.  Angela Szczerba (2012))

WALES, Cardiff.  Padmasimha – [email protected] (2018)

WALES, Cardiff.   Louise McGrath  – [email protected] (2013)

WALES, Cardiff.   Diana O’Reilly    – [email protected] (2014)

WALES, Caerleon nr Newport.   Sue Baynham-Evans – [email protected]  07894 741041  (2014)

WALES, Ceredigan.   Lesley Dever – [email protected]  (2017)

WALES, Conwy Rhos-on-Sea (and Cheshire). Eileen McCann – [email protected] Tel: 07813 534 495 (Trial Teacher 2007)

WALES, Flintshire,  Mold.    Kate Surry – [email protected]  (2018)

WALES, Glamorgan,  Aberdare.   Giulia Terrile – [email protected]  (2015)

(WALES, Powys.  Catherine Genevie (2013))

WALES, Powys.   Katy Jones  – [email protected](2013)

WALES, Powys, Swansea.   Jan Anthony   – [email protected] (2013)

Warwickshire, Rugby.  Leigh McLellan – [email protected]  (2016)

Warwickshire, Warwick.  Anne Mercer – [email protected]tmail.co.uk (2017)

West Midlands, Birmingham.  Elizabeth Duckworth – [email protected] (2014)

West Midlands, Birmingham.  Monica Douglas – [email protected]  (2014)

Wiltshire, Chippenham.  Caroline Carty – [email protected]  (2014)

Wiltshire, Salisbury.  Susan Stephenson – [email protected]  (2018)

Wiltshire, Salisbury.  Mary Sansom – [email protected]  (2019)

Worcestershire, Evesham.  Aston Colley – [email protected]  (2019)

Worcestershire.   Jo Harper – [email protected]  (2014)

Worcestershire, Worcester.  Mari Singleton – [email protected]  (2015)

York. Anna Semlyen – [email protected]  www.yogainyork.co.uk  07891 989310 (Trial Team – see below 2007)

York. Angie Pearson – [email protected] (2016)

York. Rachel Hammond – [email protected]  (2016

(York. Jean Lavers (Trial Teacher 2007))

Yorkshire North, Pickering. Shirley Gilroy – [email protected] Tel: 01751 477233 (2012)

Yorkshire North, Harrogate. Rachel MacLennan-Jones – [email protected] (2013)

Yorkshire North, Scarborough. Priya Venkatesh – [email protected]  (2019)

Yorkshire South, Rotherham. Sharada Rao – [email protected], Tel: 07723 059364 (2013)

Yorkshire South, Sheffield. Helen Clay – [email protected] (2013)

Yorkshire South, Sheffield.  Rebecca Allen – [email protected]  (2017)

Yorkshire South, Sheffield.   Rachel Quinn – [email protected] (2013)

Yorkshire West, Normanton.  Jacqui Jones – [email protected]  (2014)

(Yorkshire West, York, Leeds. Helen Newman – [email protected] (Trial Teacher 2007))

(Yorkshire West, Leeds. Liz Stephenson-Payne (2013))

(Yorkshire West, Wakefield. Nicky Kendrick (2012))

(Yorkshire West, Huddersfield. Anita Smith (2013))



AUSTRALIA.  Sheila Quairney.  (2019)

FRANCE, Paris.  Ann Moradian – [email protected]  (2016)

FRANCE, Hanc, Deux-Sevres (79).  Kate Plummer – [email protected] (2015)

PORTUGAL.  Sue Williams – [email protected]  (2014)




Please contact teachers below for a course near you.
Many are teaching this yoga now with mentor support.
(Those in brackets are not currently teaching the programme.)

Berkshire, Bracknell.  Michaela Kennedy – [email protected]

Berkshire, Lambourn.  Jane Gwillim-David – [email protected]

Bristol.  Kate Brandon[email protected]

Bristol.  Em Sawday – [email protected]

Bristol.   Eve Douglas – [email protected]

(Buckinghamshire, Winslow.  Mona Baur)

Buckinghamshire, Uxbridge.   Arun Gattani – [email protected]

Buckinghamshire, Uxbridge.  Ehsan Shah –  [email protected]

Cambridgeshire, Balsham.  Margaret Shanks – [email protected]

Cheshire, Stockport.  David Glover – [email protected]

Cheshire, Crewe.  Anna Smithers – [email protected]

Cheshire, Wilmslow.   Audrey Youngman – [email protected]

(Cheshire.  Annette Todd)

Cornwall, Truro.  Ceri Skilton – [email protected]

Cornwall, Perranporth.  Jane Forster – [email protected]

Cornwall, Wadebridge.  Sarah Phillips – [email protected]

Cornwall, Newquay.  Aimee Stapleford – [email protected]

Cornwall, St. Just, Penzance, St. Ives.    Julie Stone –  [email protected]

Cornwall, Lizard, Helston. Tanya Strike – [email protected]

(Cornwall, Mevagissey.  Linda Thorpe)

Cornwall,  Redruth.  Angelina Lambourn – [email protected]

Cornwall, Perranporth.  Jock Orton

Cornwall, St. Agnes.  Sharon O’Sullivan – [email protected]

Co. Durham, Billingham.  Rachael Iddon – [email protected]

Co. Durham, Consett. Jacqueline Gunnion – [email protected]

Cumbria, Windermere.   Elaine Brown – [email protected]

Cumbria, and Carnforth (S. Lincs.).   Carol Thomas – [email protected]

Derbyshire, Glossop.  Felicity Leigh – [email protected]

Derbyshire, Derby.   Karen Howard – [email protected]

(Derbyshire, Bakewell.   Iris Pimm)

Derbyshire, Matlock.   Denise Ingman – [email protected]

Derbyshire.   Pauline Nunn –  [email protected]

Derbyshire, Belper.   Beverley Lomax – [email protected]

Derbyshire, Matlock.  Caron Jones – [email protected]

Devon, S. Petherton.  Anna Elliott – [email protected]

Devon, Plymouth.  Laura Ruffoni – [email protected]

Devon, Exeter. Lesley Toy – [email protected]

Devon, Tiverton.  Jenny Kane – [email protected]

Devon, Exeter.  Jennifer Heyworth – [email protected]

Devon, Ivybridge.  Kate Leeke-Price – [email protected]

Devon, Kingsbridge. Ina Dittfurth – [email protected]

Devon, Kingsbridge.  Sophie Darling – [email protected]

Devon, South Brent.  Paula Jones – [email protected]

Devon, Budleigh Salterton.  Jenny Wooler –  [email protected]

Devon, Plymouth.  Richard Pannell – [email protected]

Devon, Totnes.  Mark Maunsell-Thomas – [email protected]

(Devon, Wembury, Plymouth.   Dee Cammack)

(Dorset.    Anna Finch)

Dorset, Poole.  Mark Dawson – [email protected]

Dorset, Sherborn.  Judith Tinsley

Durham.  Jacqueline Stevenson – [email protected]

Essex, Chelmsford.  Sara McKeon – [email protected]

Essex, Colchester.   Catherine Le Tue –  [email protected]

Essex, Leigh-on-Sea.  Amanda Turner – [email protected]

Essex, Leigh-on-Sea.  Simon Headley – [email protected]

Essex, Ipswich.  Adrienne Marriott – [email protected]

Hampshire, Southampton.  Enrico Tambellini – [email protected]

Hampshire, Eastleigh, Southampton.  Penny Stewart – [email protected]

Hampshire, Ringwood.  Becky Baker – [email protected]

Hampshire, Southampton.  Claudia Gray – [email protected]

Hampshire, Basingstoke / Spain.  Patricia Lopez – [email protected]

Herefordshire, Colwall.  Allison Maxwell – [email protected]

Hertfordshire, Berkhamsted.  Angela Dixon – [email protected]

Hertfordshire, Bushey.  Raksha Kukadia – [email protected]

Hertfordshire, Ware.  Linda Laver – [email protected]

Hertfordshire, Watford.  Elizabeth Eley – [email protected]

Hertfordshire, Berkhamsted.  Penny Cronyn – [email protected]

IRELAND, Dublin.   Margaret Cashman –  [email protected]  

IRELAND Dublin.  Greg Walsh –  [email protected]

IRELAND, Dublin.  Marguerite Lyster – [email protected]  

IRELAND, Co. Wicklow.   Cathy Whelan 

IRELAND, Co. Leitrim.   Mary Hearn – [email protected]

IRELAND, Sligo.   Siobhan Moran – [email protected]

(IRELAND, Co. Cork.  Tania Murphy)

(IRELAND (N) Co. Down, Belfast.   Angela Beattie)

(IRELAND (N), Co. Arnagh.  Ann Traynor)

IRELAND (N), Co. Antrim, Broughshane.   Margaret Gunn-King –  Tel: 028 25861202

IRELAND (N), Co. Tyrone, Coalisland. Berni Hanna

IRELAND (N), Belfast.  Claire Ferry

IRELAND (N), Magherafelt.  Anne Knocker – [email protected]

IRELAND (N), Co. Down, Newry.  Attracta Brown – [email protected]

Kent, Tunbridge Wells.  Emma Palmer – [email protected]

Kent, Ash.  Lorraine Layton – [email protected]

Kent, Sidcup.  Caroline Hanlon – [email protected]

Kent, Bromley.  Sabine Smith – [email protected]

Kent, Tunbridge Wells.   Jo Aldermann-  [email protected]

Kent, Whitstable.  Bernadette Fisher – [email protected]

Kent, Ide Hill.  Jane Rossi – [email protected]

Kent, Hythe.  Jayne Chalinor – [email protected]

Lancashire, Rochdale.  Ellen Kay – [email protected]

Lancashire.   Tricia Salmon – Tel: 01282 770192                  

Lancashire, Oldham.   Barbara Schofield – [email protected]

Lancashire, Barrowford.  Shannon Riley-Gregson – [email protected]

Lancashire, Lancaster.   Sue Garner – [email protected]

Lancashire, Southport.  Stephen Evered – [email protected]

Leeds.  Myka Ransom  – [email protected]

Leicestershire, Loughborough.  Diane Thornton – [email protected]

Leicestershire, Leicester.  Tracy Fisher – [email protected]

Leicestershire, Ashley.  Nicky Ramsden – [email protected]

Lincolnshire, Horncastle.  Alison Bell – [email protected]

London SE.  Susie Galley – [email protected]

London W.  Yasmina Cherquaoui – [email protected]

London SE, Bermondsey.  Liz Castro-Thomas – [email protected]

London Greater, Sutton.  HuiDar Tan – [email protected]

London E, Bermondsey.  Robyn Barry – [email protected]

London Greater N., Harrow.  Romila Santosh – [email protected]

London.   Alison Barty – [email protected] 

London, North.  Mary Loftus – [email protected]

London NW. David Tierney – [email protected]

(London N.  Ottillie Parfitt)

London SE. Elizabeth Knott – [email protected]

Manchester.  Karen Hadgett – [email protected]’gmail.com

Manchester Greater, Prestwich.  Justine Boardman – [email protected]

Manchester Greater, Saddleworth, Oldham. Shelagh Taggart – [email protected]

Merseyside, Liverpool.   Paul Wooding – [email protected]

Merseyside, Liverpool.   Angela McNeill – [email protected]

Merseyside, Liverpool.  Berni Cross – [email protected]

Merseyside, Wirral, Bebbington. Wendy Simmons – [email protected]

Merseyside, Wirral.  Tracey Lloyd – [email protected]

Merseyside, Wirral, Wallasey.  Sarah Peter – [email protected]

Merseyside, Wirral, West Kirby.  Paul Smith – [email protected]

Merseyside, Wirral, West Kirby.  Stephen Smith – [email protected]

Middlesex, Stanmore.  Christine Overy – [email protected]

Norfolk, Diss.   Pieternella Jarvie  – [email protected]

(Norfolk, Norwich.  Derek Smith)

Norfolk, Norwich.  Sheila Leeder  –  [email protected]

Norfolk, Norwich.  Barbara Ives

(Norfolk, Norwich.  Jane Betts)

Norfolk, Norwich.  Julie Chase  –  [email protected]

(Norfolk, Swaffham.  Michael Balshaw)

(Norfolk, Swaffham.   Camilla Balshaw)

Northumberland, Embleton.  Glynis Morgan – [email protected]

Northumberland, Stocksfield. Caroline Grinsted

Northumberland, Slayley.  Denise Bottomley

North Yorkshire, nr. Harrogate.  Judi Needham-Crane – [email protected]

North Yorkshire, Middlesborough.  Amelia Mann – [email protected]

North Yorkshire, Swinton.  Michele Pataillot – [email protected]

North Yorkshire, Saltburn.  Lesley Wood – [email protected]

North Yorkshire, Scarborough.   Sarah Priestley – [email protected]

North Yorkshire, Selby.  Elaine Blake – [email protected]

Nottinghamshire, Sutton-in-Ashfield.  Diane Gravestock – [email protected]

Oxfordshire, Hook Norton.   Lorraine Newman –   [email protected]

SCOTLAND, Angus.  Kelly Cruickshanks – [email protected]

SCOTLAND, Aberdeenshire, Checkbar.  Gayle Sheed – [email protected]

SCOTLAND, East Lothian, N. Berwick.  Sue Northrop – [email protected]

SCOTLAND, Inverness.  Hazel Marr – [email protected]

SCOTLAND, Argyll & Bute.  Veronica Ferguson – [email protected]

SCOTLAND, Dumfries.  Kathleen Symington – [email protected]

SCOTLAND, Glasgow.  Lindsay McNab – [email protected]

SCOTLAND, Perthshire, Perth.  Clara Lynde – [email protected]

SCOTLAND, Perthshire, Crieff.  Jacquie Paterson – [email protected]

SCOTLAND, Perthshire, Dunkeld.  Sue Atkinson – [email protected]

SCOTLAND, Borders.  Carol Douglas – [email protected]

SCOTLAND, Berwickshire.  Gill Gibbens – [email protected]

SCOTLAND, Perthshire.  Cathy Swan – [email protected]

SCOTLAND, Aberdeen and Perthshire.  Judy Cameron – [email protected]

Shropshire, Newport.  Liz Hill – [email protected]

Shropshire, Market Drayton.   Joyce Downing – [email protected]

Shropshire, Shrewsbury.  Judy Brenan – [email protected]

Shropshire, Shrewsbury.  Faith Page – [email protected]

Shropshire, Telford.  Janet Evans – [email protected]

Shropshire, Shrewsbury.  Lis Wharton – [email protected]

(Somerset.    Amanda Dixey)

Somerset, Bath.  Philippa Forsey – [email protected]

(Somerset, Bath.  Mary Allan)

Somerset, Frome.  Miranda Falconer – [email protected]

South Yorkshire, Doncaster.  Jenny FitzPatrick – [email protected]

South Yorkshire, Rotherham.  Maria Pittaway – [email protected]

South Yorkshire, Rotherham.  Carol Piggott – [email protected]

South Yorkshire, Sheffield.  Nicola Harpin – nicol[email protected]

(South Yorkshire, Sheffield. Emma Rattenbury)

South Yorkshire, Sheffield.   Frances Homewood – [email protected]

(South Yorkshire, Sheffield.   Dominic Batten)

South Yorkshire, Sheffield.  Eric Wilkinson – [email protected]

Suffolk, Ipswich.  Izzy Ixer – [email protected]

Suffolk, Ipswich, Framlington.  Barbara Winfield –  [email protected]

Suffolk, Newmarket.  Anne Atkinson – [email protected]

Suffolk, Ipswich.  Manon Palmieri – [email protected]

Surrey, Carshalton.  Ross Pagano – [email protected]

Surrey, Epsom. Louise Davies – [email protected]

Surrey, Epsom. Liz Stephenson – [email protected]

Surrey, Reigate.  Jo Gillibrand – [email protected]

Surrey, Sidlow.  Jill Nash – [email protected]

Sussex West, Ashurst.  Nina Forbes – [email protected]

Tyne & Wear, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Sue Harding-Smith – [email protected]

Tyne & Wear, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Loraine Sweeney – [email protected]

Tyne & Wear, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Anne Whitehead – [email protected]

(Tyne & Wear, Whitley Bay.  Thereza Webster)

(Tyne & Wear, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.   Caroline Howson)

WALES, Cardiff.   Tori Lang – [email protected]

WALES, Cardiff.   Diane Phelps  – [email protected]

WALES, Cardiff.   Linda Barry – [email protected]

WALES, Ceredigion.  Melanie Lavery – [email protected]

WALES, Flintshire, Gwernymynydd.  Rachel Doward – [email protected]

WALES, Flintshire.  Ruth McLean – [email protected]

(WALES, Glamorgan.   Janet Long)

WALES, Monmouthshire.  Viola Iken –    [email protected]

WALES, Porttalbot.   Ruth Howell – [email protected]ntlworld.com

WALES, Swansea.  Susie Johnston – [email protected]

WALES, Swansea.    Helena Millar – [email protected]

West Midlands and Worcestershire (Birmingham area).   Cath Yie

West Yorkshire, Pontefract.   Linda Frewin – [email protected]

Wiltshire, Marlborough.   Kate Wilde – [email protected]

Worcestershire. Sue Harris – [email protected]

Worcestershire.  Helen Johnson – [email protected]

Worcestershire, Redditch.  Tony Oldershaw – [email protected]

Worcestershire, Evesham.  Elly Young – [email protected]

(Worcestershire.   Anna Hughes)

Worcestershire, Worcester.  Angela Walton – [email protected]

(York.  Alison Perkins)

(York.  Alexander Wales – [email protected])

Outside UK

AUSTRALIA.  Amanda Owen – [email protected]

FRANCE/SWITZERLAND, Divonne-les-Bains / Geneva.  Tami Toroyan – [email protected]

FRANCE, Paris.  Suzanne Ricketts – [email protected]

HONG KONG.  Wai Chung – [email protected]

SPAIN, Alicante/Murcia.  Bonnie Sandison – [email protected]


There are other teachers currently training.

Many of those who have trained and taught at least two courses are now also attending Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training days.


2007 – the original 20 trial team yoga teachers

Alison Trewhela YOGA PROGRAMME DESIGNER, TRIAL TEACHER TRAINER & YOGA TEACHER ON TRIAL TEAM IYA(UK) Teaching since 1982.  Certificated Jun.Int.III 1997. Fribourg (Switzerland), Truro, Falmouth and other areas on demand.  In 2007 Alison trained teachers (20 in all, including herself – 10 Iyengar Yoga teachers and 10 British Wheel of Yoga teachers) in the yoga programme for The University of York’s research trial.     Author of the original (and the edited) trial Students’ and Teachers’ Manuals.  Compiled, and features on, the trial’s YHLB Relaxations CD.  Considerable experience of teaching small group courses to people with low back conditions on Better Back Courses since 1992.  Senior Practitioner – British Register of Complementary Practitioners (SBRCP – Yoga)) and member of British Wheel of Yoga, registered with CNHC as  a Yoga Therapist and member of the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine. [email protected] .  CV on Contact Us page

Anna Semlyen YOGA TEACHER ON RESEARCH TRIAL TEAM BWY Dip (1999), York. Specialist Advisor to the British Wheel of Yoga on back care and therapeutic research. Steering Committee member for the University of York’s research trial. Co-author of Students’ and Teachers’ Manuals. Features on the Relaxations CD.  Accredited to run one day In Service Training (IST) continuing professional developent (CPD) courses on ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ by the British Wheel of Yoga. [email protected] 01904 654355 www.yogainyork.co.uk

John Aplin YOGA TEACHER ON TRIAL TEAM IYA (UK) Certificated Jun.Int.III.  General classes at St Mary’s Hospital Manchester

Jude Boardman BWY Dip., Classes in Islington, London

Diana Broad BWY Dip., Classes in Camden, London

Amanda Brown BWY and IYA(UK) Certificated Jun.Int.I, Cornwall

Carol Burke BWY Dip., Classes in Bolton and Bury

Suzanne Cundy BWY Dip., London

John Ferrabee IYA(UK) Certificated to Jun.Int.III. Gloucester

Lesley Isaacson BWY Dip.(Education Chair). Classes in Eastcote., Harrow, Middlesex.

Sharon Klaff IYA(UK), Certificated Jun.lnt.III. Classes in East Finchley, London

Jean Lavers BWY Dip (past DCT), York

Judy Lynn IYA(UK) Certificated to Jun.Int.III. Classes in Central and West London  (including NW and SW)

Eileen McCann BWY Dip., Classes in Chester, Wirral and West Cheshire

Shirin Marshall IYA(UK) Certificated to Sen.Int.III.  near York

Helen Newman IYA(UK) Certificated to Jun.Int.III. Classes near York and Leeds

Julie Royle IYA(UK) Certificated to Sen.Int.III. Classes in Manchester

Patsy Sparksman IYA(UK) Certificated to Jun.Int.III. Classes in East Finchley, London.

Julie Taylor BWY Dip (Viniyoga). Classes in Truro, Falmouth and Mylor Bridge, Cornwall

Judith Van Dop IYA(UK). Certificated to Sen.Int.III. Classes in Newlyn and Penzance, Cornwall