Yoga for Back Pain Videos

Back Pain Research Video #1 – 1st Nov 2011

This video features Alison Trewhela teaching students a ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ class at The ZedShed in Penryn.  It was filmed on June 22nd 2011 in order to accompany our University of York research results paper publication on the Annals of Internal Medicine online website.  It represents an overview of the ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ programme.

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Video #2 – A Summary of the Research Findings – 1st Nov 2011

To see an overview of the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs yoga programme used in our research, featuring Alison Trewhela and students at The ZedShed, please watch Video 1 above. 

Please Note that the yoga shown in this news release (video 2 below) sent out by The Annals of Internal Medicine DOES NOT REPRESENT THE YOGA FOR HEALTHY LOWER BACKS PROGRAMME.  It shows extracts from a film compiled to accompany a previous smaller viniyoga trial (K. Sherman) and uses actors to demonstrate a yoga class.  Professor David Torgerson who was the principal investigator in our University of York trial, speaks about the research findings.


  1. I have uploaded this clip to my website. I would recommend this training to every one. I will be starting my trainer course in January 2013.

  2. The Yoga for healthy back is a research and evidence based course. I found the training to be rigorous. All the teachers are experienced Yoga Teacher from all varied background and disciplines. I have already spread the word to a local physio – in my area of Waltham forest they are very interested in referring their clients to this project.

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