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Thank You for purchasing your ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ (YHLB) Educational Resources from our not-for-profit social enterprise – this supports our work to help more people to help themselves to improved comfort, health and well-being through evidence-based yoga.


NEW Coming Soon.

YHLB RESOURCES PACK – worth £70….. but Bargain Launch Rate of …. £65

All ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ Course Attendees need to have the Resources Pack in order to help yourself with your life-long tool-kit.

The very best way to learn how to use this yoga is alongside a 12-class YHLB course taught by one of our registered YHLB teachers.  Ideally you will contact a teacher and then purchase this Resources Pack once you know you have a course to attend.

Sometimes, you may want to purchase this to learn more generally about YHLB, but we would strongly recommend learning the YHLB programme with a YHLB registered teacher.  The YHLB teacher will show you how to gradually introduce the poses and sequences, adjust and modify the yoga according to your needs.  The well-structured, gradually-progressing course follows 12 differing class plans designed to help you maximally over time with the individualised support of the YHLB teacher.

Resources Pack consists of:-
  • Cardboard presentation folder with info, holding ……
  • How to use this Resources Pack
  • YHLB Book – 2018 New Edition!!!

    with 165 colour photos – RRP £28.99

  • YHLB Relaxations Album – CD version

    (RRP £19.99) You can opt out of receiving this.

  • YHLB Relaxations Album – 4 downloadable digital audio tracks

    (‘YHLB Relaxation Album’ RRP £19.99) – with Album sleeve information. You will have ….. weeks to download your 4 tracks.

  • YHLB Pain-Relieving Menu Sheet (What to Do If…) on card
  • YHLB – 5 x Sequence Practice Sheets (CORE A & B and Complete CORE, PROGRESSIVE A & B) on card
  • YHLB Course Hand-Outs (Suggested Homework Timetable, Class 6 Tips) on card
  • Course Attendee Sheet (what YHLB offers)
  • Registration Form
  • Pre-Course Outcome Measure Forms (RMDQ, BBPQ, possibly the new MSK-HQ)
  • Workplace Introductory Letter
  • GP/ Health Professional Info Sheet
  • Trifold Leaflets x 2
  • Workplace Trifold Leaflet
  • 23+sheets – 9+ colour on card)
  • *Audio Practice Sequences – CORE A, CORE B, PROGRESSIVE A and PROGRESSIVE B (Available in 2019 via Code from YHLB Teacher at Class 7 or after.)


JUST the


(144-Page New Edition with Colour Photos) – £28.99

N.B. If you are purchasing the Resources Pack above, you will receive this within it.


JUST the


(4 x 12-15 minute Tracks)

Option A – CD to be posted – £19.99

Option B – digital downloads from website – £19.99

N.B. If you are purchasing the Resources Pack above, you will receive both these within it.


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