Yoga for Backs Research Results – Since November 1st 2011

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Statements From University of York Yoga Investigators:

“Back trouble affects so many aspects of life. Our programme is designed so that people can learn how to relax and ease their back pain, gain confidence and strength, and avoid problems in the future. However yoga has so much more to offer – our aim is for more and more people to achieve wellbeing in the longer term through yoga practice.”
Professor John Aplin, Manchester University, Iyengar Yoga Teacher (University of York trial management team)

“Yoga’s success at easing low back problems is proven by our large trial. This reassurance will boost people’s confidence to choose yoga to manage their back health and return more quickly to everyday activities. NHS clinicians can now advise people to find a Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs qualified teacher – at – and practice our recommended postures and deep relaxation techniques.”
Anna Semlyen, York, British Wheel of Yoga (University of York trial management team – co-author of the yoga manuals and Relaxations CD)

“Having taught courses such as the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs programme to people for 20 years, I’ve seen how people can motivate themselves to practice with amazing results, when they have the skills and a reason to do so. This research is exciting, because more people will now have the opportunity to access appropriate yoga to improve their health. Current best practice is to keep active for the future health of the joints. This provides a solution, with its attentive approach and focus on joint alignment and muscle balance.”
Alison Trewhela (University of York trial management team + designer of the trial’s yoga programme, co-author of the yoga manuals/Relaxations CD, trainer of Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs teachers)

3 thoughts on “Yoga for Backs Research Results – Since November 1st 2011”

  1. Re. 24th October 2011 release of recent Karen Sherman trial research paper.
    Good news that viniyoga (movement-based) and also stretching (the kind of stretching that only really exists in yoga classes, i.e. 1 minute holds repeated) both work effectively for chronic low back pain.
    Alison Trewhela, Yogaforbacks

  2. I am a practitioner of Hatha yoga but recognise many of the postures shown in this great new Yoga book. For many years I suffered from lower back pain intermittently. When I took up yoga, around ten years ago, I threw away the coproximal for good! Go, Alison and Anna – teach the world to sing.

    We are excited to announce that our health economics research paper has just been published in ‘Spine’ journal (March 16th 2012) showing the ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ programme to be cost-effective treatment for the UK’s NHS and also from an economic and societal point of view, e.g. the yoga group had only approx. 3 days off work over the 12 months in which we measured this compared to the non-yoga control group who had 12 days off.

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