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Question –  There is no ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ teacher currently available in my area.  What can I do?

Answer – You could contact an experienced yoga teacher, preferably British Wheel of Yoga trained, and ask if they would like to apply to train in the research-proven ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ programme.  You could ask your GP or commissioning body if they might visit our website and register their interest in getting Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs courses offered up in your area.  In the meantime, you could practise yoga relaxations from our Relaxations audio tracks.


Question – Are all yoga classes the same?  Are they all good for my back?

Answer No.  Not all yoga classes are the same and many are not suitable for beginners with low back pain.  Our Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs trained, qualified  and Registered teachers are specifically trained in how to deliver the same evidence-based successful programme as was used in the University of York clinical trials.   Our 12-week course for beginners, with its accompanying book, Relaxations CD and home practice sheets, is specially designed for people with recurring low back pain to be able to help themselves .  It has been proven to be a safe and effective treatment and offers an appropriate and enjoyable first introduction to yoga.  For those who done some yoga before, this ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ programme and the book offers you a variety of home practices that will motivate you to practise regularly to maintain the health of your lower back.


Question – Are the Relaxations Tracks the same as I experience at the end of my yoga class and might it be suitable for general use?

Answer – Our Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Relaxations 4-Track Album was designed especially with low back pain sufferers in mind, but is suitable for everyone.  It aims to lessen tension and discomfort.  It may help with other stress-related conditions, e.g. IBS, anxiety, insomnia, etc., etc.,  and may be very similar to what you hear in a class.  The narrators are highly experienced yoga teachers with over 45 years’ teaching experience between them and Track 1 is specifically designed for those in pain.

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