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Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Trifold Info Leaflet vJune2018 The leaflet gives good information on the yoga programme used in the University of York / Arthritis Research UK yoga trial and how our social enterprise is sharing this best practice yoga programme for the benefit of those with low back problems.  Please share this information with others and let them know about our website.  Thanks for sharing via email, on Facebook and other social media.  It works well on noticeboards.

National Award 2018 Press Statement re BWY Outstanding Achievement Award

Download Standing Tall and Lying Comfortably YHLB Article March 2015 article here.

We are dedicated to educating about and promoting the ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ programme and we hope you will help us.

1. Click on the link at the top of this page for the 3-fold double-sided informational leaflet (YHLB Trifold Information Leaflet) that you can download and then send or print for promotional purposes.  Note only teachers listed on this website’s Find a Teacher Page are qualified to deliver the full 12-week evidence-based YHLB programme.

2. Here is a 2016 Promotional Letter YOGA for Healthy Lower Backs v5 You can download this, read it and alter it appropriately (e.g. add your name, or just the website’s name). Then you could email it, print it and post/hand to people.

3. Here is a link to a Powerpoint presentation designed for GPs, health professionals and NHS commissioners.  Thank you for sharing it.

RCGP Website Link to Alison Trewhela’s 2016 Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Presentation PLUS Dr. A Huette’s 2016 Yoga GP Quality Improvement Pilot Project Powerpoint

Here is a PowerPoint presentation to download for General Use.  We are currently designing a new one for Workplaces.

4. Here are some links to Articles about our ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ yoga programme.

British Wheel of Yoga ‘Spectrum‘ magazine (November 2016) Page 24 November 2016 Article in BWY magazine ‘Spectrum’ 

British Wheel of Yoga website: a. Recognised Centre and b. Research

The Times newspaper (Nov 2011)

University of York Research News (Nov 2011) – Yoga Aids Chronic Back Pain Sufferers

Arthritis Research UK’s Winter 2015 Arthritis Today magazine reports on ‘More People with Back Pain Benefiting from Yoga’,315BT,4QAQVP,AWEW5,1

Arthritis Research UK’s Summer 2012 magazine reports on Economic Evaluation published paper ‘Yoga a Cost-Effective Treatment for Back Pain Sufferers?’ –

Arthritis Research UK’s Winter 2012 Arthritis Today magazine reports on research findings ‘Got Back Pain – Try Yoga’

Arthritis Research UK’s Published ‘Synovium’ magazine for Healthcare Professionals (Issue 25 Spring 2012) Yoga Class for Management of Back Pain. for full magazine;     OR

Arthritis Research UK  website report mentions yoga – ‘UK Study shows high cost of treating back pain.’ Published 4th January 2013.

 Arthritis Research UK’s CAT Booklet – University of Aberdeen ‘Practitioner-Based Complementary and Alternative Therapies for the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia and Low Back Pain’  Yoga has Green Light and good evidence for low back pain.

NEW Link below to Backcare UK charity’s Talkback magazine featuring ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ (See Page 14)

TalkBack magazine article, February 2014, BackCare UK Charity

Daily Mail ‘Prescribing Yoga could slash NHS annual £1.37 billion back pain bill’  National Press Item re. Cost-Effectiveness Press Statement (Aug 2012) –

Interview with a Yoga Teacher Alison Trewhela

Health Medical & Science Update – Is Yoga a Back Pain Fix?

Pulse – NHS GPs Urged to Commission Yoga for People Suffering with Back Pain

MSN News 2011

Daily Express 4th March 2014

Link below to Radio Interview with Alison Trewhela on UK Health Radio aired August 2013 (this is a 30 minute discussion with a Harley Street chiropractor and Mike Dilke of Backapp about the latest back pain treatment options.  It runs straight through after an approx. 5-minute musical interlude).  Enjoy.

Daily Mail interviewed Alison Trewhela as a representative of The University of York yoga trial – the poses in the printed (Feb 3rd 2015) and online article are not her choice, but the very bottom two paragraphs on the link here mention our yoga trial.


5.  Those you may wish to inform via these handouts/methods are:-

Clinical Commissioning Groups (NHS)
Health Providers
Health Promotional Organisations

Health and Well-being Boards

NHS Healthwatch Groups and GP Surgery Patient Participation Groups (ask YHLB students to tell them how they think more people should be able to access YHLB courses with subsidies)

Complementary and Alternative Health Centres
Social Care Departments

Public Health
Government Councils
Complementary Health Practitioners
Private Health Clinics
Yoga Teachers
Occupational Health Departments
Large Employers
Sports Centres
Health Clubs
Private Insurance Providers/Companies




Blogs, e.g. Back Pain Blogs of Healthy Lifestyle
and others. (Please let us know if you can think of things to add to the above list.)


6.  Thank You for being Ambassadors, Champions and Friends of YHLB and for helping to create a buzz of interest and promote education about its potential.

7.  Read the following and Download a Mission document here YOGA for Healthy Lower Backs Mission Statement June 2014 (3)  with more detail for possible use when approaching Policy-Makers in NHS Commissioning and local government (Social Care, Public Health, Health & Wellbeing, Personal Budgets).  Preview below:-

Specialised 12-week course of gentle beginners Yoga  ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ (YHLB)

An evidence-based, cost-saving, health-promotional, long-term treatment option for a prevalent chronic condition with integrative health and social care potential

Objectives and Potential of ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ Programme:-

  1. Improve the health of those with chronic and recurring low back pain. The charity, Arthritis Research UK (funders of the original high-profile yoga for back pain randomized controlled trial) and The University of York support this research ‘translational’ project (Annals Intern Med3).
  2. Show best practice partnership-working during implementation of integrated services – perhaps with 3-way (NHS, Council and patient) sharing of costs in commissioning of evidence-based YHLB courses.  Save NHS, Councils, Government, societal and economic costs by offering a high value, self-management, educative treatment option with the potential to offer wide-ranging, long-term, positive outcomes.  It showed an average 70% reduction in work absenteeism over 12 months, showing how the YHLB course motivates and teaches good self-management skills (Spine2).
  3. Help prevent ‘NHS patients’ with chronic/ episodic/ recurring low back pain in Primary Care settings ‘falling into’ costly Secondary Care. Our research showed YHLB would be likely to be cost-effective if offered within the NHS compared to current care pathway treatments2.
  4. Give a ‘hand up out of’ NHS Secondary Care, with YHLB’s gently-progressing, multi-modal (biopsychosocial) approach, to patients with non-specific, but nevertheless disabling, low back pain3.
  5. Build patient ‘resilience’ to improve quality of life, and to help people to become more active whilst living longer, happier and healthier lives.  YHLB proactively addresses ‘secondary preventative care’, i.e. improvement and prevention of co-existing conditions along with back pain, e.g. diabetes, obesity, depression, high blood pressure, and stress-related and musculoskeletal conditions.
  6. NICE Low Back Pain Guidelines Draft mentions ‘yoga’ as a group mind/body exercise choice of treatment that could be recommended as a ‘first step to managing low back pain’. (NICE Press Statement 24th March 2016). 

8.  We can provide a one-page document that can be used when approaching corporate HR or Occupational Health Departments.

9.  Link to NIH NCCAM Video  including “An overview of a rigorously designed study that shows yoga may benefit people with chronic low-back pain, a common and difficult-to-treat problem. (Karen Sherman, Ph.D., M.P.H., Group Health Research Institute).”

10.  Research Evidence for Yoga for Chronic lbp Oct2014  Find here a list of current research papers and reviews supporting the use of yoga for chronic low back pain.

11.  Workplace Health & Wellbeing YHLB Trifold Leaflet available on request.

12. Subscribers’ Newsletters

Thank you for joining the Yogaforbacks Community – Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Welcome Page.

First Newsletter (2) November 2011

2nd Newsletter March 2012

3rd Newsletter  May 2012

4th Newsletter 1st Anniversary of ResearchResults2012  Dec 2012

5th Newsletter April 2013

6th Newsletter March 2014

7th Newsletter May 2015

13. ‘Standing Tall and Lying Comfortably – Introduction to Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ Sessions can be arranged.

14. Presentations can be arranged at GP surgeries, hospital Departments, workplaces, etc.

15. International Yoga Day Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Press Statement June 2015.

16.  Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Press Statements

Press Statement Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs September 2015

Press Statement Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Institute re NICE ATrewhela for July 2016

17.  GP / Health Professional / Commissioner Letter Introducing YOGA for Healthy Lower Backs Document for GPs and Health Professionals General


CAN YOU OFFER MORE HELP? Please contact us, if you can offer any expertise or are willing to help us.  Thank you.


  1. More ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ 2013 training courses for yoga teachers posted on – Edinburgh, Essex, London, Cornwall, Stirlingshire, Surrey, Durham.